Monday, 13 July 2015

Starting over

Hi blogland
Welcome to my new blog, I am gutted to have lost my old one due to account issues. Me and technology don't always see eye to eye and I'm not the most technical minded but hey ho I muddle through.

Still it was a while since I had last posted anything due to so much happening in my life, it's been chaotic to say the least, so much so I had to make the hard decision and pack away all my crafty stash well the paper crafts and all my mixed media supplies (believe me it hurts knowing it's all cramped up in boxes under the stairs)

Things "seem" to be calm at the moment (and I know typing those words will come back to bite me in the backside lol) so I am able to take a moment and write this post.

Though as previously mentioned am not doing paper crafts or mixed media/altered art at the present time, I am however making jewellery again. Here are some of my latest pieces

Today however I made what I think are a pair of gawjuss Sterling Silver Sapphire and Druzy Drop Earrings

I am signing off now and I hope in posting this (and sharing it on my facebook page) I can start gathering some new (and old) followers, please be kind and share my new blog and also leave me some love in the comments below
Huggles ~x~

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