Friday, 9 September 2016

Altered Mask

Hello Blogland

Tonight I am sharing something I literally just made, and it was a bit of a rush job do to the fact that it was made for my middle daughter who along with her boyfriend, my eldest daughter and a good friend of theirs have just left for a weekend away to attend a double celebration party, and it's a masquerade ball!

At the last minute I was reminded they didn't have a mask (arghhh), my eldest decided she didn't want one (phew), so I hunted through my stash and found a mask blank (yay!) and promptly got to work............... less than half an hour later,


Treasure Gold - Sapphire
String Silver Sequins
Gem Embellishments
Hot Glue Gun (life saver!)

Not bad for a first attempt and a rush job at that!

All that is left is for me to hope the mask matches her dress close enough.


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