Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jewellery Stand

Hello blogland.

I am so stoked to be able to share my latest make with you, it's something different for me and for a first attempt I am ecstatic!!

I signed up for a challenge hosted by Fernli Designs FB group called
'Dress Me Up'
The idea was to alter one of their lovely dress forms.

It's gone from this

Fabric and Lace
Bind-it-All wire
Small Pot
Radiant Rain Spray - Cranberry
Black Acrylic Paint
Gilding Polish - Citrus Green
Plastic Bottle

I started by gluing the dress form to the base, then cutting a plastic bottle in half and wrapping round the 'waist' of the dress form.
I then cut and glued a Bind-it-all wire to a roped ring.

Next I used different fabrics with powertex and draped round the 'skirt', I wasn't sure how to hide the gaps between the skirt and dress form and started playing around with some ideas, I finally settled on using the coaster cut in half to make a shelf, I added a little pot.

Left it for 24 hours to dry completely and harden before painting/decorating.
I gave it a base coat of Gesso and spritzed the whole thing with the Radiant Rain spray, I wasn't happy with the effect so decided to paint over the whole thing with black paint, but only lightly so some of the purple colour comes through.
once it was completely dried I then dry brushed the gilding polish all over to give it some definition.

There you have it, please leave me some feedback in the comments below it is always appreciated.


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